Swap 2015..I found my Mojo!

January was to all intents and purposes a total write-off as far as sewing goes in an case. But a new month brings new energy and I’ve picked up my needle again.

Looking back at the original SWAP it seems to have morphed slightly. The drapey cream sweater top is I think out, and another version of the Style Arc blouse in a navy and white polka dot has taken its place. I like the idea of that relaxed, loose, Eileen Fisher style but I don’t have any suitable fabric at the moment and I’m trying to use what I have. I’m also still a good way off being slim enough to carry it off. I’ll wear something with a little more shape in the meantime.

The third bottom is still in flux, but I’m leaning towards a hotch-potch style of fun skirt to lift the overall plan. I have plenty of scraps to make it work, I think.

So this week has been hand sewing: thread tracing the pea coat pieces and pad stitching the collar. (I’ll write a proper Pea Coat post when I’ve finished the whole coat, to keep it more cohesive than if I scatter snippets here and there). I’ll keep on with the tailoring, and I’m really enjoying the slow pace of it, but I’m going to try and knock two items on the head tho weekend: the breton top and the navy barbs. Both quick and easy sews.

Until next time, here’s how the experts tailor a custom made pea coat if you have around £4,000 to spend!

Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome!