What we ate and what I spent: week 3 of 52

Youngest daughter expressed a desire for granola this week. I think she’s fed up with toast for breakfast, but as she is terrible at getting up on time in the mornings, I refuse to put time and effort into fancy breakfasts. (See how far from perfect we are!)

But granola, greek yogurt, berries are a quick and stylish breakfast so we stocked up.
Mornflake’s Classic Raisin and Almond was such good value, even cheaper than Asda’s own brand, that it wasn’t worth making our own. Plus the mill is local-ish (only half an hour up the road, in Crewe) so it was a feel-good purchase.

I tried a carb-free banana and egg pancake that popped up on pinterest, but I was frankly disappointed. A waste of calories…and I have Christmas weight to lose! So porridge and apple for me.

I used the last two Red Falstaff apples from the garden this week. They’ve kept better this year, stored on newspaper in the greenhouse. I love that I’m eating home-grown apples until the middle of January.

A lot of this week’s lunches and dinners come from The Diet for Food Lovers which has some really lovely gourmet recipes that feel luxurious..ideal for me as I hate to feel I’m eating diet food.


  • We had the spicy burger meatloaf with home made tomato sauce and mash. A friend rears and sells amazing pork, and gave us a pack of his new spicy burgers to try. We ate some in a bun, and I made some of them into meatloaf
  • The turmeric chicken was made with the second chicken from last week’s 2-for-£6.99, jointed and marinaded.
  • The frittata had a whole lot of leftover veg thrown in.

Baking: wholemeal bread, white bread, cranberry and white choc cookies. I also made 3 jars of marmalade from some caramelised oranges that were lurking in the freezer.

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