Marfy 6268

What’s the best way to cure the pandemic blues?

Plan a new sewing project, of course!

I recently made a pair of Style Arc Victor jeans, and I’m really pleased with them, but today I had a hankering for something a bit more luxe. So I had a look on the Marfy website and found this beauty.

Marfy 6268 evening dress pattern

Marfy patterns are notorious for having

  • no instructions
  • no images
  • no seam allowances

but I quite like a challenge.

What’s the occasion?

My daughter asked if I’d be wearing this to put the bins out, a sad reflection of sicial activity during a pandemic. BUT this will come to an end and then I have a couple of weddings and a big birthday to look forward to.

Anyway, most of the pleasure I get from nice clothes is the planning of them and making them. The wearing of them is just a bonus.

Fabric choices

Until the pattern arrives I have no idea if there will even be yardage guidelines included. I’m browsing websites for colour matched lace and heavy silk crepe. The lavender in the illustration is pretty, but I’m thinking a deep berry red, or teal, or possible a graphite grey.