Spring into Summer SWAP

I’m so indecisive!! I’ve spent the last week or so pulling out fabrics from my stash, lining up TNT and new patterns, and wasting hours on Pinterest trying to come up with a collection that’s a) sewable and b) wearable!

Anyhow, I had to decide about the Piano Shawl (see previous posts), and because I wasn’t totally confident about using it I folded it up, put it away and thought again.

My other current obsession is Kantha quilting, especially on garments, and I thought about making a fabulous vest as the central garment.

But I don’t have the right fabrics, and probably don’t have the time, so that too is on one side for a later date.
I do know that I want to use my Ikea chenille throw to make a cardigan jacket. It’s a really cheerful teal. It’s going to fray terribly but I’ll underline with organza, and line with a navy silk satin. Pattern:  Style Arc Coco.
Ikea Gurli throw

I’m also keen to make a red trench coat. I bought the fabric last year and I have 3 patterns to choose from: Ottobre magazine featured a pretty floral trench last summer, I have the Robson, and I also have a vintage vogue pattern. I’ll make a hybrid. I have a pretty blue and white cotton remnant that will make a nice lining.

That’s two of the wildcards. The third is a shift dress I started last summer but as I was losing weight I only got as far as tacking it together. It’s a lovely hand loomed indian cotton, in an Ikat design of blues with subtle pinks and greens. Under the tops it makes another skirt.

1) a pale blue chambray shirt that could be worn over the other tops or the dress, (no fabric yet)
2) from the same pattern but omitting the sleeves, a sleeveless ivory silk shirt. (from the stash)

3) A breton stripe top (from the stash)

4) A navy crepe top (no fabric yet)

5) A drapey ivory sweater, sheer so it will need a cami under, loose enough to wear over the other tops, the dress,  or by itself. (I have something sheer in the stash but I might buy something else)

3 bottoms:

1) A  navy cotton twill chino-style skirt
2) Smart-ish navy trousers, probably Style Arc Barbs.
3) Definitely a skirt,  patterned, pulling in colours from all the other garments. Possibly reversible, possibly pieced/embellished. Other than that, undecided.

I’m quite pleased with the overall look: I was aiming for casual but stylish and relaxed. And a spring/summer collection seemed appropriate given the end of April deadline.

Spring into Summer SWAP: colours and styles

I’m off to Stitchers’ Guild to start a thread for my SWAP, come on over and let me know what you think!      
Thanks for reading! Comments are welcome.