A bit of a gap….and sewing while I shrink!

No posts for a few weeks for one reason and another…however, now my mum is installed in her new residential home (and loving it) and our tenant has moved into her house, I can draw breath again.

I’m itching to start sewing for myself, but I’m losing weight steadily so fit’s an issue….

..but then again it’s going to be good practice

Altering a RTW dress that never fitted well, to make a summer skirt
Sewing a princess seam dress that can be taken in later

Making things for the family:

Youngest daughter wants Papercut Patterns’ Bellatrix jacket in a stretch cotton floral
Middle daughter wants a slinky prom dress
Hubby doesn’t know it yet but he wants a pair of trousers from Vogue

Pictures on the way

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