Home Decor Wishlist

In the same way that I have a sewing wishlist, I also have one for home decor. My youngest daughter and I collect pins and she is my style editor. For a teenager she has the most amazing eye and discerning taste.

Some of these are massive jobs, others are 10 minute makeovers. I’ve included some of the pictures that inspired me in this list (with links to the originals where I can find them). It’s ongoing and evolving so check back to see how I get on. It may take a couple of years to work through this lot!

In no particular order, as they say:

  • A covered porch or deck of some sort at the back of the house. Probably
    over the back door, to create a place that’s clean and dry in all
    weathers. Similar to this:


  • Striped stair runner
Kersiant Cobb Meknes 27 inch 100% Sisal Stair Runner – Cream and Red
  • Weathered oak kitchen worktops. We have copper nails…loads of them, from the days when we used to build wooden boats.


  • Blackout blinds in the bedroom, in a natural linen. With an upholstered headboard in the same fabric.


  • Oak flooring in the bedroom. We already have it in the sitting room and it’s beautiful, and wears well.
  • A proper wardrobe in the bedroom (we’re currently using the room intended as our ensuite as a walk-in. This Ikea hack would be perfect.



  • Natural coloured chunky wool rugs


  • Replace the horrible patio doors in the sitting room with a window and reading nook


  • Grey tiles on the hearth and an oak mantel


  • Shelves in the alcove next to the fireplace, with space for logs at the bottom and the media stuff above
alcoves with floating shelves
by Peter Murphy Carpentry on Flickr via Pinterest
  • A refurbished glazed cupboard in the kitchen, with oak shelves to replace the wall cupboards
  • The wall between utility and old pantry removed, and a new cleaning cupboard in its place
From BHG.com


  • Pictures hung properly, in groups. Search  “hanging pictures” on Pinterest for loads of ideas and how-tos


  • Better storage in my larder cupboard
  • Plates and mugs in drawers
  • New loose covers for the armchairs in the sitting room
  • An en suite shower room
  • New paint in the sitting room
  • Replace kitchen floor
  • Remodel the garden, adding a summerhouse
  • An automatic watering system in the garden
  • Finish painting kitchen cupboards
  • A red dining chair
  • Kitchen curtains
  • Tasteful (!) cushions
  • An upholstered footstool/coffee table
  • A tripod lamp made from a vintage searchlight
  • New cooker hood and more shelves either side
From Pinterest


  • Over-counter lighting in the kitchen
  • Downstairs loo finished, with a place for hanging coats and storing shoes
From Pinterest


  • Drawers in porch painted, and shelf/hooks on wall
From Housetohome.co.uk via Pinterest


Thanks for reading. Comments
are welcome!