Roasted red pepper and red lentil soup

Bowl of red pepper and lentil soup

Bowl of red pepper and lentil soup

This is a quick, low calorie, gluten- and  dairy-free soup recipe that’s perfect for lunch on a cold day. The roasted red peppers give it a rich sweet flavour that goes brilliantly with red lentils and smoked paprika. If you make a big batch of the peppers you can use some for this soup and keep the rest for a luscious addition to salads, wraps and sandwiches, or a side to your dinner later in  the week. Cook once, eat twice, right?

If you don’t have any roasted peppers, fresh will do. I add 3 large deseeded, sliced red peppers to the softened onion and let them stew a bit before I throw in the lentils. The soup doesn’t have the same depth of flavour, but its still delicious.

red peppers, onions and red lentils

I usually make a huge pot of this at the beginning of the week. It’s perfect for the teenager’s after-school top up, and we can grab a couple of bowls full to microwave at work.

Any leftovers go into the freezer in a tetrapak, with a smart label of course!

A bowl of soup and….?

The rest of the family, being able to gorge on wheat and dairy,  would probably opt for a warm hunk of sun-dried tomato bread, soft enough to mop up the soup but with enough crust to wipe every last drop from the bowl. And a sharp crumbly Wensleydale cheese.

Myself, I would choose a gluten free version of the tomato bread, with a thick creamy hummus to add the right amount of sharp contrast to the soft, sweet, smoky soup.

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