A party frock

I’m involved with fundraising for The Birks, a fantastic outward bound and field centre in he Lake District that was bought by the local school back in the 1980s for the pupils to use, and anyone else who cares to hire it when the school’s not there.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of its purchase, although it was leased for a long time previous to that. Generations of people from Market Drayton have spent time at the Birks, and there’s a lot of love for the place.

We’re marking the anniversary with a summer ball at the end of June. Of course, a grand party needs a grand dress, and even though it’s 4 months away, I know how long these things take. Fortunately ClothSpot had the very thing:

Roses organza

It’s described as organza, but its halfway to a chiffon, not as stiff as a true organza but still with some body.
The colour is pure vintage, pinky gold.
I have a silk taffeta wedding dress made as a sample about 25 years ago when I was doing some dressmaking for money, and it’s perfect to go underneath. There are yards and yards of fabric in the skirt. It’s time it was used, after being in the stash for so long.

I’ll morph a couple of vintage dress patterns together (I don’t own these, but they’re pretty straightforward. And thank you Google for the clear envelope diagrams!)

This wrap/drape (the shorter length)

McCall’s 4425

with this neckline:

McCall’s 7052

Add some sparkle with  few beads, and a pair of gold shoes

Gold leather sling backs from Boden

I’ll be ready to dance all night!

Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome!