Sewing must-dos and want-tos

All this SWAP planning has focussed me on sewing coordinated collections. But there’s so much more in the queue.  Inspired by Kate, here’s my list of projects/techniques I’d like to tackle before too long, plus my sewing to-do list. Expect things to be added faster than they’re checked off!

Where I’ve blogged about a project, I’ll include a link.

A Chanel jacket
New curtains for the kitchen
New curtains for the dining room
Several Style Arc patterns including:
 Mary-Ann jacket (Chocolate wool)
 Coco jacket (Peat brown and turquoise tweed)
Ziggi moto jacket ( from a black embroidered shawl)
A fabulous embroidered waistcoat/tunic in indigo batiks like this one:

Recycled, quilted cotton vest/tunic

Some silk painting/dyeing
A jacket like this:

From Pinterest, Diane Ericson Fault Lines

A proper fitted pair of trousers

Sewing room accessories: press cloths.

Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome!