Starting from scratch with Vivienne

One of my favourite blogs is The Vivienne Files. I first discovered it when I was working at wedding fairs, and looking for some guidance on taking my wardrobe up a gear. Now I’m sewing again it’s really helped me focus on sewing clothes that work for me and for the clothes I already have.

A few weeks ago Janice started a series on planning a wardrobe from scratch, for those of us who need to look again at what we wear, maybe after a lifestyle change, or simply as a way to rationalise an overflowing closet.

The first decisions, Janice suggests, are of colours and silhouettes. I’d already spent some time thinking about these while working through the Wardrobe Architect series over at the Coletterie, and put together a Pinterest board in the process, so I know that I’m leaning towards simple, classic silhouettes, with texture and detail, and that I favour greys, navy, natural shades of stone, putty, ivory, and blues/greens from teal to aquamarine to sapphire and seafoam, sage and apple. Add plum/amethyst and a berry red and I’m just about covered.

Anyway, I need to pick two neutrals plus a white/cream/ivory, and two accents. Lets see where this takes us!


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