My new obsession: machine embroidery

Janome 500e

This is a real treat, and a new departure for me. I’ve done a little hand embroidery in the past but not machine.  But I have some money left to me by my mother, and as she is the person who taught me to sew, and to have the confidence to be different, I thought it would be an appropriate way to remember her by.

So my next project is to create something beautiful that I can wear.

An embroidered vintage cardigan?

vintage cardy

Or an LBD with attitude?


Or how about adding detail to the cuffs of an ordinary sweatshirt?

embroidered jacket
Anthropologie , no longer available

But I don’t even have an embroidery machine yet, although I have chosen the one I want. It’s the Janome 500E, a decision based partly on the advice of the man at Longton Sewing Centre, and partly from reading the machine embroidery threads over at Stitchers Guild.  Here it is:


Then there’s software to buy so I  can edit and design patterns, which means I’ll also need to upgrade my laptop. Threads in lots of luscious colours? Some tutorials or Craftsy lessons? That adds up to a hefty chunk of cash. But, it’s what my mother would have wanted, and how else could I afford to wear something like this!!??


Jacket by