Sewing room luxury!

When the lovely ejvc over on Stitchers’ Guild suggested a plan to spruce up the sewing room, I knew I had to join in. I won’t make the 30th September deadline, because as usual there’s a lot of non-sewing related activity in the household, but I can take my time and enjoy the process.

As suggested here are some “before” pictures of my sewing room as it is now (I took them today, leapt straight out of bed after catching up on the thread over on the forum).

Be warned: it’s untidy, but this is because I haven’t been sewing for a while and things have got dumped in here over the last 3 or 4 weeks.

 I sew in a spare bedroom upstairs, about 9’x14′. Starting as you walk in and moving round clockwise this is what you see:

 This is the view straight through the door. The window needs painting and I have some fabric to make a roman blind. The table under the window was made from an old Ikea metal bed frame (altered by hubby) and a painted ply top. It’s fab.
Under the table is a laundry skip for offcuts of fabric and a couple of boxes of fabrics: some lengths of woollens and some fabric I’m not sure what to do with.

The stuff on the windowsill will eventually go on shelves on the wall to the right. The chair is piled with ironing and a pair of trousers I’m making for hubby (a wearable muslin).
The fold up bed in the corner is a pain, I’ll probably move that out at some point. It’s a dumping ground for old curtains and things that need mending.
You can also see a couple more boxes under the table: this is stuff from my parents’ house. Mostly its photos that need sorting out.

The spare bed!! Not as bad as it looks here, there are a few piles of folded fabric waiting for me to decide what to do with them. They should really go back into the fabric cupboard. The cardboard box is the knitting machine my daughter gave me. I haven’t had a chance to set it up yet, but hopefully the winter evenings will be my opportunity.
The cabinet beside the bed was made by my Grandfather for my mum, it has a drawer for threads and the lid lifts up on a storage space inside. The drawer is useful but I dump stuff on the top so don’t open the top very often.
The turquoise panels are middle daughters GCSE textile art piece. It’s going on the wall over the bed sometime. The round basket got dumped there, it’s my knitting basket which hubby evicted from the sitting room.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

 I love this cupboard. It was from my parents’ house, and it holds lots of notions, books, magazines. The drawers are for knitting wool.

 The wardrobe on the left as you walk in is where I store fabrics, with the ironing board in front which seems to be permanently up. There’s nowhere to stash it really. This is the only full-length mirror in the house at the moment, so there are often teenage girls in here admiring themselves.
My dress form with a dodgy bust enlargement! And my steam generating iron which I LOVE!

Here’s inside the wardrobe. The boxes at the bottom hold colour-sorted cottons from my quilting days. Dress fabrics above, in no particular order. I need another shelf to make things easier to pull out and put away.

Lots of ideas for sewing room luxury over at Stitchers’ Guild. I made a quick list of things I’d like to complete:

  • Roman blind for the window (window needs painting as well)
  • Shelves over the bed
  • Pictures to hang here and there
  • Re-cover the chair
  • Make pressing tools
  • Make a pressing cloth
  • Ironing board cover
  • Covers for the machines

So nothing major to achieve,just titivating really. I’ll try to alternate a sewing room project with 6PAC sewing.

Thanks for reading!

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