The trousers he doesn’t know he wants

I’ve had a couple of weekends to myself so tucked myself away in the sewing room and got stuck into a couple of things. I thought I’d share hubby’s trousers with you. He refuses to buy new clothes as nothing ever fits (he’s very tall, and skinny) and he’s fussy about styles, colours, fabrics……

So I thought a good way to get back into sewing more complicated things would be a pair of trousers.

I bought Vogue 8940 for the jacket but the trousers are good too.

 A quick test pair with extra seam allowances, tacked together, and the fit looked spot on. I used a chocolate babycord with a bit of stretch that was originally bought for me, but I’ can’t see myself wearing it. If he doesn’t like the finished trousers, he can wear them to work without worrying about ruining them (he runs a boatyard).

I bought some lovely olive chino fabric and some dark grey tiny check cotton from Stone Fabrics for the real thing. But I want to test the pattern and the fit before I cut into that.

 Here’s the fronts with the half done fly. The spotty cotton is what’s left after DD2 cut out a couple of vintage aprons a while ago. I liked the idea of a fun fabric hidden away where only we knew about it!

(terrible picture from my phone, sorry)

The backs with the pocket flaps. I’m not sure about the way they line up. I might have put the pocket bags in backwards! This is why I made a practice pair.

Another thing I’ll alter for the real trousers is the binding on the fly. It should have been sewn from the other side so the back is hidden. 

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