Sequinned party skirt

How about a Christmassy party skirt in a stretchy fabric: one seam up the back, lined, waist and hem trim?

I found some tips on sewing sequinned fabric at:

Here’s that post in full:

Everything you need to know about sewing with sequined fabric…

Of course, instead of just sewing, I spent a
long-ass time googling “How to Sew With Sequins…” At least now I know
how not to get a sequin-related eye injury. Here’s everything, for
future reference:

Sewing with Sequined (or beaded) Fabric

Take your time; it’s probably going to take longer than an afternoon to
finish the project. Sandra Betzina says it will take at least three
times longer…
•    Choose a simple pattern with minimal seams.
•    Steer clear of patterns with zippers, buttonholes, pleats, pockets, and set-in sleeves.
•    Do a muslin first.
Know that sequins have a nap— they lay on top of each other like
shingles; be aware of the right direction when laying your pattern out.
•    Lay your pattern out in a single layer.
•    Use pattern weights.
•    Use 1-inch seam allowances.
•    Know that sequins shed. Lay down a tarp or old bed sheet on the floor when cutting the fabric to make clean up easier.
•    Try to use old scissors for cutting, because the sequins/beads can dull blades.
•    Sew slowly.
•    Don’t even try to use a serger.
•    Wear glasses while you sew (even sunglasses) to avoid being blinded by a random flying sequin.
Consider hand sewing the entire project for more control and a better
finish. At the very least get ready for some hand hemming.
•    Use a longer (3.5) stitch length.
•    Choose the needle according to the backing fabric; buy extras, because they’ll get dull fast.
•    Line the garment where possible (seam finishes are going to be difficult so lining is better).
•    Press with a pressing cloth, without steam.
Don’t try to sew over the sequins; you’ll get lumpy seams. Remove any
sequins/beads in the seam/hem allowances before sewing. After sewing,
re-sew sequins in any bare spots:

Removing sequins from sequined fabric:

1.    Use chalk to trace the pattern pieces on the wrong side of the fabric, then thread-trace the pattern pieces.
Remove the sequins in the seam/hem allowances. But don’t remove them by
clipping the thread, since that’ll cause the others to fall off one by
one. Instead, pull the thread up with tweezers and use little scissors
to clip just the sequin, leaving the thread intact.
3.    After
stitching the seam, turn the garment and look for bare spots where
sequins need to be replaced. Hand-stitch the sequin back where needed.

Removing beads from beaded fabric:

Place painter’s tape along the edges of the pattern piece. Painter’s
tape is low tack, so it should not damage your fabric.
2.    Hammer along the painter’s tape to break the glass beads.
3.    Pull the painter’s tape up and all the broken bits of bead are stuck to the tape.
4.    Depending on how heavily beaded the fabric is, this may need to be repeated.


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