Sewing for men

My husband was born in Stoke-on-Trent and is proud of it. Now, he’s not at all a fashionisto, but he does love a nice Belstaff, an ancient Potteries brand, and part of his family’s motorcycling heritage.

You can read here about how a waterproof cotton jacket made it in Hollywood.

The Roadmaster Jacket. All pictures copyright Belstaff.

My sewing skills are OK, but I love a challenge, and as hubby has for the last 20 years tolerated a loft and several closets full of fabric, knitting wool, unfinished projects, and boxes of sewing patterns,  I thought the least I could do was make him his own Belstaff-styled jacket.

So far I’ve sourced fabric, but we’re still deciding on the colour. I think we’ll use a modern breathable performance fabric rather than traditional wax cotton. We like warm, light and washing machine friendly! I also have a few pattern options in mind.

Anyone else made a jacket like this? Let me know how you got on.

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