20 minutes a day sew along

I found this fab thread over at Stitches Guild Sewing Forum and it’s going to help my quest to GET THINGS DONE!

I started today with 20 minutes in the spare bedroom which looks like this:

What you see from inside the door. The bookshelves are there while the stairs and landings are being decorated.Watch movie online Rings (2017)

The other end of the room, towards the door. The junk at the far end is the base of a wardrobe which will eventually be assembled and become my main sewing storage.

There’s a LOT of stuff in here, unfinished projects, furniture that doesn’t fit in anywhere else, sewing, painting, cake decorating and knitting stuff, plus anything the kids no longer want in their bedrooms. So the room is wasted space, and causes me no end of stress when we have visitors…it’s a huge job to tidy up and I end up resenting their visit which is no way to carry on.

My plan is to make an organised room for sewing (and maybe painting) that can accommodate visitors as well. So the 20 minute a day sew along is perfect. 20 minutes is just enough time to see results without getting disheartened, and as one poster to the thread commented, 20 minutes a day is 10 hours a month more that I’m doing now!

For inspiration, I started to collect some pics over on Pinterest. Can’t link on my mobile but I’ll add it later. (You could search Gorgeous Cakes/sewing room).

ETA that picture: