Christmas timetable

October: bake Christmas cakes.Make chutneys for presents and for the table. Make candied peel and caramelise the orange slices. Freeze in bags.

Make and freeze ahead;
Cranberry sauce
Brandy  butter
Vetebrod/danish pastries
Soup for boxing day
Evening meals for 23rd: or use slow cooker
Mince pies

Bake and store pepparkakor

13th: begin salt beef

Wednesday/Saturday before Christmas: Collect fresh salmon.

22nd Collect ham, pork pie, turkey. Ice pepparkakor. Cure salmon for gravlax. Make red cabbage.

23rd AM:

Prepare brine and immerse turkey.
Prepare cranberry glaze, chill in a tub in the fridge.
Make stock with giblets and chicken carcass (saved in the freezer).
Defrost stuffing, sausage and bacon, sausagemeat
Make salmon terrine
Make ham hock terrine
Cook ham in cider
Make Swedish creams in coffee cups
Put raisins to soak in rum for dessert Christmas Day
Put chipolatas to marinade


Prep vegetables (potatoes, carrots, sprouts, parsnips)
Take turkey out of brine and stuff. Bone and stuff legs.
Mix soaked fruit and marmalade into vanilla ice cream
Defrost red cabbage, brandy butter, vetebrod,
Make trifle
Wrap sausage in bacon
3pm Glaze ham  Make cucumber salad
5:00 dress ham with bay branches and holly
Make Glögg and serve in glasses with cinnamon stick and a silver spoon
Unmould terrines and decorate

Put wine and butter in pan ready for the morning
Clear away Julbord and lay table for lunch


For lunch at 1pm

This is timing for a turkey weight 8.4kg unstuffed. Assume 1kg of stuffing

7am      take turkey out of fridge, turn on oven 220 degrees, put basting liquid on a low light, make tea and go back to bed
7:50am   soak cheesecloth, cover turkey breast with cheesecloth, put turkey in the oven
8: 30       reduce the temperature to 180. Pour over 1/4 wine mixture.
9am        baste turkey
9:30        baste turkey
10am      baste turkey
10:30      baste turkey
11am      baste turkey. Add stuffed legs.
11:30      remove cheesecloth and continue to cook
12:00      test temperature (should be 68 degrees)
glaze with cranberry
Spread chipolatas on a baking tray and cook 30-40 minutes
12:15     test temperature (should be 75 degrees) glaze again
12:30     take out turkey, cover with teatowels to keep warm and rest for 30 mins
make gravy